Eyes Makeup 2017

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Eyes Makeup depend on different type of eyes makeup. There are many words which comes in our mind. when we talk about eyes makeup.Smoky eyes makeup, prominent eyes makeup.

Eyes makeup
is one the favorite topic of the women. it is normally known that women look more attractive with eyes makeup. Many of Professional Makeup artist always promote eyes makeup. it is one of the best way to prominent the eyes makeup.many of women love to use eyebrow makeup. it is normally seen, that women use eyebrow makeup in the morning. Near afternoon it is totally demolished and need to wash eyes. Read more in urdu above.

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you need some initial skills for eyes makeup. You need atleast 2 different shades of eyes makeup.Mostly black and brown shade are use for the eyes makeup. For eyes makeup purpose concealer need to apply around the eyes to match the skin color. It is normally used to hide the dark circles which prominent around the eyes. These dark circles appear due to some health problems and less sleeping is one of the major cause of these type of problems. If your skin looks darkest from around the eye, you should paste it like big spots and then massage or rub it gently. you can rub or massage till the darkness around the eyes completely disappear. Apply eye base/primer which make your eye makeup more strong to stay on face. The basic purpose of the eye base/primer to make your makeup more stay and look bright and attractive for long time.

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