The woman empowerment and society Role

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Allah create everything. He is only the one creator. Woman is also his creature. It is another gift for man to have woman in life. Today woman is empowered to do many things in the world. Being the creature we all should thank to our creator. The Woman has ability to management and proved her self in all the business fields. Woman has ability to manage all the type of works. you can observe that when you leave for office everything look like wedding house in which things are laying everywhere. But when you came back to home, you can see clean and beautiful house. It is not by chance, it is skill of management of woman that shows everyday house clean and managed.

There are following ways to empower woman:

Same in the field of business woman empowerment achieve lot of goals of business. The Woman is dedicate to his husband and his goals in her life. E.g She wanted to save money for outing tour so she keep busy day to day to save such amount of money. The woman is basically passionate to reduce his husband stress and work. She always listen official problems of her husband and give her opinion to manage work.

There are lot of problems in the woman’s life. Few problems are belong tour social life which is become hard for woman. These problems need to address in the proper manner. It is therefore, People around the world are now agree to change in our thinking and behavior to the woman.

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Now it is required to finally acknowledge that why we need empowerment for the woman.


Nobody come forward to resolve our issues, Therefore it is our duty to resolve our issue by taking effective steps toward it. We cannot force everyone to behave gently with woman but we can start from our-self.

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